my artwork

some of the artwork i have created. more to come.


anarchist shit

the "never stop hating cops" button is based on a poster design from @krime_1
the "strike, steal, trespass" motto is from a poster i own designed by black lodge press

fandom shit


pixel art

self portraits

some self portraits i have done over the years

these are some really early ones from my early 20's. i went through a thick outline fine detail phase. i look kinda angry in both. i miss the mohawk what a cool look.

i drew this when i was in uni for a profile pic for something. long hair phase. i never liked it i was just too lazy to cut it

dunno what was going through my head here. did it in front of the mirror in my uni halls. looks gross.

recent-ish. late 20's. i quite like these i feel like theyre more reflective of who i am now.


i also draw the places i live quite a lot even tho theyre not good drawings. i feel like it helps me connect with my surroundings in a way.

these are my uni halls. i used to draw this building a lot. i had a lot of strong feelings about it. it felt like the centre of my world and my social circle. the place that connected me to all my friends and was really the source of all the fun and good times i had in uni. it also felt like it was trying to kill me.

this is my room at uni

this is a really shit painting of the view from my dads back garden.

having a bedroom for the first time was really important to me. i used to draw little details from my room all the time

family holidays were also important, this was from a camping trip. this van was parked in a field near our tent so i sat and drew it.