update for december

i am still working at the school. i feel more like a competent teacher every day - altho sometimes i do feel like i'm absolutely blagging it. Jon lives with me now. he had a full ass fight with steve and got arrested and had to leave the house pretty quick. he's not spoken to wendy or steve since. it's xmas coming up and he's spending it with my family. he sometimes seems a bit torn about whether he should call or message wendy, but he's scared that she's gonna be sat with steve who's feeding her lies and telling her what to say. which is a fair enough assumption i guess.

as well as working at the school i am tutoring my friend karens 15 year old daughter delilah. karen pulled delilah out of school because she was doing real shit and now she gets tutoring 2x a week and does home learning the rest of the time. i really like delilah, shes a very sweet kid. i'm going to see karen tonight for a drink. we'll sit in her kitchen and bitch about life and laugh and shout and go nuts like we always do. #

i sometimes feel trapped between so many lives. my proffessional teacher life vs my scumbag barstaff life vs my incompetent autistic life. i'm so many people and not one of the knows what's going on. oh well. i think i'm the happiest i've been in ages. i think i might be finally becoming comfortable and happy. although i am getting evicted at the moment. me and Jon are looking for places but it's been hard. getting a flat at christmas time is just impossible. god i hate this time of year. anyway,. this has been nothing.