installed this blog on my website for my super important updates. here are todays:

The Dishes (all of them) have been sat on the kitchen side for like 2 weeks. i cleaned a good bit of them today but then the hot water ran out and the rack got full. i could just boil the kettle and empty the rack but God knows that is not who i am as a person. i may pluck up the corage to go back to them later but i will probably just get some beers at the premier then do this all night. i stayed up until 7am last night and woke up at 4.30pm. tomorrow i have work but not until 6pm. i told old irish mary who lives next door i would come in a little early and fix her tv for her. i'm praying steve and wendy won't be there with their marriage problems but they probably will be. wendy is really annoying me recently especially with the way she treats Jon.

i also emailed landlord about The Problems. she told me to quit complaining about The Problems because its affecting their sale of my house. real Kill Yourself moment. i am going to citizens advice at seetec tomorrow.

on weds i have a job interview to lecture computer skills at the adult learning annex. it's way different from anything i've ever done before and i'm kind of nervous. i really want the job tho i have to escape the stoke. the fear of Adult Jobs is setting in. i am extremely hopeless and the stoke is the only job i've ever manage to stick with because it's a no rules free for all in there and i can only thrive in a chaotic environment. stupid really. aren't autistic people supposed to like rules and structure?

that's it for now i think.