Hi my name is sid and this is my site. here you can find some of my art, photos, writing, projects and a few useful links. it's not finished.

what's up?

[27.02.24] - i've added some more old drawings to my art page. there might be some broken images. internet is shit and uploads are slow

[25.02.24] - 1 year anniversary of the cheesy chips incident. it was the day i first interviewed for my job. time goes too fast.

[18.02.24] - added a page about my dnd character because i'm obsessed with him and no one can stop me. trying to go thru and update the site as it's been a while.

[13.08.23] - updated my about page. i no longer work in a dive bar.

[21.05.23] - started to build a library. i'll try and keep up with building my collection

[25.02.23] - added an about page.

[25.02.23] - more buttons and pixel art up.. also i paid £6 for cheesy chips last night and i feel like i've been the victim of a hate crime


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